Detox Your Home - hazardous household waste

Detox your Home is a free and convenient service for householders to safely dispose of unwanted toxic chemicals. The program includes Detox Your Home collection events and Detox your Home permanent drop off sites

Detox your Home events are delivered by Sustainability Victoria and Councils. 

Free events are held across Victoria to provide you with a local and accessible option to safely dispose of unwanted toxic household chemicals.

These services are free to residents from all municipalities however waste from businesses is not accepted. 

Covid-safe collection events

With your safety in mind, Detox your Home events are now drive-through only (no walk-ins) and contactless, supported by a COVID-safe plan.

Detox your Home events are staffed by expert chemists who understand how to safely manage toxic household chemicals. Chemicals are safely stored during the event then transported to a licensed processing facility at the end of each event. 

How to store chemicals at home 

Here’s how to store unwanted household chemicals until you can safely dispose of them. Correct storage will help to keep your family, pets and the environment safe.

Detox Your Home collection events

Detox Your Home collection events occur at sites around Victoria. A wide range of hazardous household chemicals and materials are accepted including solvents, poisons, cleaning products and fertilisers to name but a few.

The full list of items accepted and not accepted can be found on Sustainability Victoria's Detox your Home web page.

Items that can be disposed of at a permanent site will not be accepted at a collection event.

There are currently no collection events in Merri-bek. The nearest collection events occur in Keilor Park, Reservoir and Epping. 

Upcoming Detox Your Home collection events near Merri-bek

The next Detox your Home collections near Merri-bek will be:

Clifton Hill - Saturday 5 June 2021 from 9am - 2pm

You must register to attend Detox your Home events. The address for the event will be provided when you register.

You can receive updates on this program by subscribing to the Sustainability Victoria Detox your Home newsletter.

Detox Your Home permanent drop off sites

A limited range of items can be taken to a Detox Your Home permanent drop off site.

Items that will be accepted are:

  • paint
  • household batteries, and
  • fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

Any other items, including gas bottles, will not be accepted.

The nearest Detox Your Home permanent drop off sites are located at: