Free mulch

Suitable use of the mulch

Council sometimes has free mulch available to residents for garden landscaping.

As the mulch is unpasteurised, which means it hasn't been composted, the mulch is not suitable for use on vegetable patches and should only be used on paths and native garden beds.

How you can collect the mulch

To collect the free mulch, visit the mulch bay at the Council Operations Centre, 40-46 South Street, Hadfield with your trailer or ute.

The mulch bay is open to the public at all hours and residents can help themselves to the mulch.

Mulch is available on a first come basis. The amount of mulch available varies and mulch is not always available.

How we produce the mulch

The mulch is produced from Council's street tree pruning and comes from a range of trees including eucalypts, callistemon and acacias.