Community gardens

Community gardens provide many benefits including bringing community members together and helping the environment.

There are a variety of community gardens across Merri-bek with different approaches and ways of operating. A community garden can be a collection of garden beds cultivated individually, or shared spaces for the community. Food produced is mainly for the consumption of the gardeners of a particular community garden.

To find out more about community gardens in Merri-bek visit the Moreland Food Gardens Network website.

Community Food Assessment Guidelines

Council's Community Food Growing Assessment Guidelines identifies the steps involved in assessing and approving a new community garden, and the different parties and Council departments involved.

Community Garden Site Assessment Checklist

A checklist is provided which details the criteria Council considers in assessing whether a site is suitable for a community garden.

The applicant will be assisted by Council to complete the checklist as part of the community garden application process.

Resources and support

  • Moreland Community Grants Program - supports groups, organisations and individuals to implement initiatives that benefits the Merri-bek community. Community Gardens may be eligible for funding to help establish a new or support an existing community garden.
  • Community Grants Hub administers community-based grants on behalf of Australian Government departments, agencies and organisations.
  • Grants Hub is a grants search website covering a broad range of funding providers.
  • Moreland Community Gardening Inc are a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation who manage community gardens and can provide support and advice.
  • Moreland Food Gardens Network is a network of people in Merri-bek who share information and collaborate in a variety of ways to improve food access and urban agriculture in the area.
  • 3000acres provide advice and resources to help start a community garden, including tips for unlocking private undeveloped land for community gardening.
  • Sustainable Gardening Australia has produced a community gardens manual which Council recommends using as it provides detailed advice and sample templates to guide groups through every stage of a community garden process – from planning, design and building, through to operation and governance.
  • Melbourne Water has created the ‘Our Space Your Place’ program to streamline the process of finding land and expressing interest in using it for community benefit.

Further information

Community gardens are just one of a wide range of local food initiatives in Merri-bek.

The Food System Strategy details how Council and the community are working together to create a sustainable local food system.