Missed bin collection

When to report a missed bin collection

Was the bin placed out in time?

Bins need to be placed out by 5.30 am of collection day, preferably the night before. If your bin is not collected because it was not placed out in time, unfortunately you have missed this week’s collection.

Has a sticker been placed on your bin?

Check to see if a sticker has been placed on your bin, as part of the Council bin inspection program.

A rejection sticker alerts you that incorrect items which shouldn't be there were found in the bin. You need to remove the incorrect items before calling Council to arrange a collection. 

Have other bins in your street been collected?

Bins are generally collected by 12 pm of collection day. Check to see if other bins on the same side of your street have been collected. If so, contact Council to report a missed bin collection.

How to report a missed bin collection

Report a missed bin collection through the Council website or contact Council.

Report a missed bin collection

After reporting a missed bin collection, leave your bin out on the nature strip for collection. Your bin will be collected within 48 hours and is often collected the next business day.

If your green waste bin is not emptied, first check to make sure it is your collection week. Enter your address to see your bin collection day.

Enter your address

Alternatively, you can download the 2018 Merri-bek Waste Collection Schedule (PDF 4Mb) which shows when bins are collected in different areas of Merri-bek.