To provide our residents with a year-round option to recycle or dispose of bulky household waste, that cannot go in your kerbside recycling bin, we've added a new service option called Ecoactiv. 


The Ecoactiv platform provides the community with a year-round pick up or drop off service for a range of household items. Charges may apply for this service depending on the item and disposal option chosen.

Our Current Services

Council provides a range of kerbside collection services for you to recycle or dispose of your goods at the end of their life.
Additionally, our online A-Z guide to waste and recycling provides information on where to access other services and disposal options.

  • Kerbside waste collection services:
  • Recycling Stations are located at our Customer Service Centres for a limited range of items:
    • Household batteries
    • Mobile phones
    • Digital cameras
    • CDs/DVDs
    • Fluoro tube lights
    • VHS and cassette tapes (Coburg only)

Introducing Ecoactiv

Ecoactiv is a platform that offers a convenient way to recycle or dispose of your unwanted or broken goods, at the end of their life. Their solutions are underpinned by circular economy practices.  This means that the items collected by Ecoactiv are primarily repurposed, recycled or regenerated so they are reused again and again — like a circle. 

The Ecoactiv website provides customers with a variety of disposal options which are determined by the type and weight of the item, your disposal options may include:

  • Pick up from your location (charges may apply)
  • Drop off at an Ecoactiv drop off point

How Ecoactiv works

  1. Go to the Ecoactiv platform
  2. Create a list of all the items you want to recycle
  3. Tell Ecoactiv where these items are located (whether it’s at home or at work)
  4. Tell them when you want it picked up or when you intend on dropping it off
  5. Check out and wait for the labelling instructions they email to you

Will the Ecoactiv service cost me money?

The cost of the service will depend on three things:

  1. The type of item/s you want to recycle
  2. The disposal method you choose
  3. The weight of your item/s

Pickup Service

Opting into Ecoactiv’s pickup service is convenient and easy. A cost will be determined by the weight and dimensions of the items you want collected.

Drop Off Service 

Alternatively, you can opt to drop your waste off yourself which means you will not have to pay for collection.

To find out how much recycling your items could cost, visit the Ecoactiv website

Why use Ecoactiv?

If you have items you need to get rid of and aren’t able to take them to a drop off point or can’t wait until the next council hard waste collection, this service provides an easy solution.

Ecoactiv's recycling booking service is available between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays, all year round.

Visit the Ecoactiv website to make a booking.

Additional drop off options will also be available when COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted.