Moreland's streetscape raingarden and tree pit design package

The purpose of the package

The purpose of the package is to improve the quality of streetscape raingardens and tree pits being designed and constructed within Merri-bek.

The package begins by setting out a design procedure for streetscape water sensitive urban design (WSUD) projects, and then focuses on the individual elements required to create functional and attractive designs. It defines options for each of the individual components that users can then choose between to create a final design and produce a full specification. As many of the principles of the package may be universally applied, distribution of the package will also assist other Victorian, Australian and worldwide WSUD projects.

Who can use the package

To assist improving the standard of WSUD streetscape raingarden and tree pit design across the entire WSUD industry, the document and its associated components are being made publically available for free, in full modifiable form.

We anticipate that the package will be most useful for other Councils, who can use the package 'as is' or who may want to tailor sections of the document for their specific WSUD situations.

Development of the document has greatly assisted Merri-bek Council in setting agreed internal standards and for engaging staff from departments all across Council in the WSUD program, and we are happy to assist other Councils along this journey.

We anticipate the package will be of great assistance to consultants working for Councils and other organisations who are implementing WSUD. We hope that this package helps to produce a better outcome on these projects.

Overview of the package

Water sensitive urban design is a key component of sustainable water management and improvement of water quality. Successful WSUD requires a holistic approach that combines these objectives with improvements to public open space and recreational and visual amenity for the community.

Moreland City Council’s WSUD Raingarden Standard Design Scenario Package provides a suite of design elements and standard drawings to assist in the efficient design and successful implementation of raingardens and tree pit projects. The package guides the user through the process of designing raingardens and, by providing key design elements, allows the user to produce a tailored raingarden or tree pit design.

The package provides a tool for assisting Merri-bek City Council in meeting stormwater pollutant load reduction targets through the efficient delivery of streetscape raingardens.

How to use the document

The design procedure within the package has been prepared to assist with the detailed design of WSUD initiatives.

The procedure is presented as a flow chart below which describes the general steps involved in the design process. Specific actions required for each step of the process are elaborated upon within the package.

Flow chart from Council\'s WSUD design package showing how to use it. 1 of 2.

Flow chart from Council\'s WSUD design package showing how to use it. 2 of 2.Package elements

The WSUD Raingarden Standard Design Scenario Package consists of:

  • Introduction providing contextual information
  • Design procedure summary
  • Illustrated catalogue of raingarden elements
  • Supplementary information
  • Construction cost estimate, maintenance cost estimate and safety codes and guidelines
  • Library of AutoCAD details
  • Construction specification template
  • Design basis memorandum template, and
  • Maintenance checklist template.

Update August 2015 - New planting palette extract

The Merri-bek City Council WSUD Planting Palette Extract is designed to help with the vegetation selection, planting design and vegetation maintenance of raingardens and tree pits. It can be used as a stand-alone guide or as part of the Merri-bek City Council Streetscape WSUD Raingarden and Tree Pit Design Package.

The original planting palette was part of the WSUD raingarden and tree pit design package produced in 2013. The current version has been updated by Merri-bek City Council in July 2015. The updates include an additional six pages of suitable species for bioretention filter systems, a maintenance report for the vegetation, suggested groupings of species and an example of a landscape planting plan and plant schedule.

Download the new planting palette extract (PDF 1Mb)

Download the package

The individual components of the Streetscape WSUD Raingarden and Tree Pit Design Package are available to download:

If you would like a modifiable version of the WSUD streetscape raingarden and tree pit design package in Adobe InDesign format, please contact Council, attention ESD Unit.

Submit questions, additions, modifications and success stories

We are extremely interested to hear how and where the package is being used and success stories from projects implemented using it.

We are also keen to hear about any additions or modifications that you have made to the package for your own situation – and if you would like to share these, then that is even better! 

Contact Councilattention ESD Unit, to provide any feedback or information or ask questions.