Council is committed to reducing single occupant car use, traffic congestion and car dependency, while increasing walking, bike riding and public transport use. 

We want people to use their cars less and when they do, to have more than one person in it.

Some of the reasons people are concerned are:

  • traffic congestion and delays
  • high cost of advanced road systems
  • air and noise pollution, and
  • our increasing dependence on non-renewable fuels.

Studies now show there are personal health and social consequences of high levels of car travel. There is further concern that Australians may be 'building in' car dependency into our children, making our problems much worse in the future. 

Think about your travel needs

TravelSmart is an initiative of the Victorian Government and aims to reduce people’s dependency on cars and encourage them to choose sustainable travel options such as walking, cycling and public transport.

TravelSmart was essentially a voluntary program that aims to inform and motivate people to change their travelling behaviour through personal choice. It does not involve any regulations, fees or taxes directed at compelling changes in travel behaviour.  

TravelSmart asks people to make voluntary changes in their travel choices, encouraging people to use other ways of getting about rather than driving alone in a car. For example, using buses, trains and trams, carpooling or cycling or walking. 

TravelSmart asks you to consider:

  • using alternative transport to the car, for example using walking, cycling and public transport
  • reducing the negative impacts of the car on traffic congestion and air pollution
  • recognising the health benefits of incidental exercise such as walking or cycling, and
  • choosing shops and facilities that are near you to reduce the need to travel and to support your local businesses.

Give your body a treat and occasionally travel at least part of the way to work under your own steam. Walking, riding, running or even roller blading to get to work not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, but also makes you feel good knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.

Get a pedometer, set a goal and track your progress.

Try combining using public transport with walking or riding. Public transport can get you to work without the stress of battling traffic, and gives you a chance to read or have some thinking time.

Visit Public Transport Victoria for timetables and route information.

TravelSmart map

This TravelSmart Map was developed by the Department of Transport and Melway with Merri-bek City Council to provide sustainable transport information on a pocket-sized complete street map with standard Melway references.

Download the Moreland TravelSmart Map (PDF 8Mb).

Public transport timetables and maps are available at the Merri-bek Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg.


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