Transport and traffic strategies

The City of Merri-bek is facing some considerable transport challenges. Population growth, climate change, peak oil, traffic congestion and increasing levels of obesity are impacting the way we move around.

How we manage these factors presents both significant challenges and real opportunities for government and community.

Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy

The Merri-bek Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) and Parking Implementation Plan were adopted by Council with amendments on 13 March 2019.

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Brunswick Integrated Transport Strategy

The Brunswick Integrated Transport Strategy (BITS) has been prepared to guide future investment in the transport network in Brunswick. BITS responds to the growth forecasts for the activity centre, which indicate that Brunswick will become home to approximately 5,600 additional dwellings by 2026, and a significant amount of new jobs and services. The overall number of dwellings anticipated as part of this study is 22,000 by 2031.

The key issues, opportunities and considerations indentified within BITS are:

  • Preferential treatment for walking, cycling and public transport. This includes measures such as providing priority for public transport and pedestrians so they are faster and more convenient than driving, and other measures such as tolerating congestion or restricting car parking supply at end destinations.
  • Partnership with the Victorian Government. The Victorian Government has a significant role in the overall transport system through its various departments and agencies. This includes both approval roles as well as significant capital investment. The Route 96 Project is a good example of the ability of Council to partner with the project delivery team to leverage public realm and transport network benefits associated with the tram upgrade.
  • Continued engagement with the community. To date, the Brunswick community has been an active and informed partner with Council, through a range of existing forums and ad hoc mechanisms. Ongoing engagement is essential to ensure that the impacts of continued development in BMAC are understood, and that the strategy to improve the overall transport network has a high level of community buy in.

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