Plastic Wise sports clubs

Council developed a Plastic Wise Policy (DOC 87Kb) in April 2019. Its aim is to transition Council facilities, services and events away from single-use plastic, and to promote alternatives, where possible. 

What does this mean for sports clubs within Merri-bek?

Sports clubs within Merri-bek need to transition to the Policy by June 2022, eliminating targeted single-use plastic items.

Initially clubs are being asked to make a voluntary pledge to become ‘Proudly Plastic Wise’, reducing and eliminating targeted single-use plastic items where possible. Council will work with clubs to develop action plans to start reducing plastic.

The recent announcement of a State Government ban on 7 key single-use plastic items by 2023 will go a long way to helping Victorians move away from our reliance on many single-use plastic items. 

Eliminating single-use plastic may seem challenging but there are simple changes your club can start to make. Council will then support clubs to implement some of the more complex changes.

What plastics are included in the Policy?

  • Single-use plastic cups, plates, bowls and cutlery
  • Plastic straws
  • Plastic and polystyrene take-away containers
  • Single-use plastic bottled drinks, where an alternative exists (e.g.:cans)
  • Single-use coffee cups*
  • Balloons
  • Single-use bottled water

What alternatives can clubs use?

See the Plastic Wise Sports Clubs information sheet for a list of alternatives to single-use plastic.

What simple changes can your club make to start reducing single-use plastic?

  • Don’t offer plastic straws, if you need them at all use paper straws
  • Sell reusable drink bottles or provide jugs of water at the bar or canteen, with reusable cups
  • Use paper plates instead of plastic, and use wooden cutlery or reduce waste by providing reusable crockery 
  • Transition plastic bottled soft drinks over to available alternatives, such as cans