Plastic Wise events and festivals

Council is committed to reducing single-use plastics in line with global concern about the impact plastic pollution has on our waterways, and marine environment.

Council developed a Plastic Wise Policy (DOC 87Kb) in April 2019. Its aim is to transition Council facilities, services and events away from single-use plastic, and to promote alternatives, with reusable options where possible. 

As part of the Plastic Wise Policy, Council now requires all events and festivals within Merri-bek to replace single-use plastics with alternative products.To learn more, and to view a list of alternatives to commonly used single-use plastics, download the Plastic Wise events and festivals information sheet. 

 Plastic Wise events and festivals information sheet

Plastic Wise Events and Festivals Thumbnail
Plastic Wise events and festivals info sheet (PDF 264Kb)

Your support and leadership as an event organiser, stallholder, sponsor or volunteer is vital to reducing single-use plastics and litter.

As part of the policy, exemptions can be made where there is no other practical alternative product or distribution method available.