Climate emergency

Moreland City Council declared a climate emergency on 12 September 2018 and is committed to urgent action.

Moreland Council is one of thousands of governments and organisations acknowledging that we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent action by all levels of government and society. Everyone is needed and invited to get involved.

Climate change is a dangerous threat to earth’s people, plants and animals. More extreme heatwaves, flash floods and droughts are just some of the impacts already hurting our people and wildlife. More and more households, businesses and councils are facing the urgent challenge of responding to the climate emergency, together.

Moreland has a long and proud history of leadership action on climate change and environmental sustainability. By joining together to respond to the climate emergency and play our part in transforming our society and economy to restore a safe climate, we can help ensure our city and our planet is a place we can all enjoy.

Why we need urgent climate action

Climate change poses a serious threat to our future. The science is clear: our climate is rapidly changing and there is no time to waste. The world is warming due to increased greenhouse gasses (also known as carbon emissions) emitted by humans.

This warming means more intense weather events including heatwaves, flash flooding, intense storms, drought and bushfires. The impacts of climate change are likely to include loss of life, physical and mental health impacts, reduced primary production, property damage, coastal inundation and loss of essential infrastructure for power, transport and communications.

The key aim for all levels of society including governments at the local, state, national and international level as well as businesses and individuals is to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions to prevent dangerous warming to our planet.

You can learn more about climate change, carbon emissions and greenhouses gases here

What is Merri-bek doing to address the climate emergency?

It is Merri-bek Council’s goal to work with the community to achieve a zero carbon Merri-bek by 2040. Council is responding to the climate emergency: delivering leadership on transport, waste and energy initiatives and supporting the social movement demanding urgent action by state and federal governments. Merri-bek Council is ramping up action to support neighbourhoods, businesses, schools and community organisations to rapidly reduce their climate pollution.

Council’s Zero Carbon Merri-bek 2040 Framework (DOC 3Mb) sets out a vision for our community over the next twenty years.

The key components of this vision are:

1.      Energy Transition: Efficient and 100% renewably powered energy

2.      Sustainable Transport: Active or zero emissions transport

3.      Waste and Consumption: Circular economy with zero waste

 Zero Carbon Merri-bek watercolour illustration showing depictions of buildings, wind farms, roads and bins for the Energy, Sustainable Transport and Waste and Consumption pillars

Together we can make Merri-bek a zero carbon community and create a better future for our planet, our city, our community, and our children.

Every five years, Merri-bek Council develops a Climate Emergency Action Plan (PDF 2Mb) that outlines Council’s plans to achieve this vision. Learn more about how Council is reducing its carbon emissions.

Learn more about how Merri-bek residents can take action on the climate emergency. Visit the Zero Carbon Merri-bek website for more.