Street maintenance program

About the program

To help keep our streets clean and safe, Council visits each neighbourhood every 2 years to carry out a series of maintenance works, including:

  • Minor repairs to roads, footpaths, kerbs and channels
  • Repairs to damaged street signs
  • Cleaning Council stormwater pit entrances
  • Removing dumped rubbish
  • Removing graffiti from Council buildings and other assets
  • Assisting residents to remove graffiti from their properties

This program, also referred to as AIM - Area Integrated Maintenance Program, is in addition to urgent maintenance and repair of assets carried out by Council.

See tree maintenance for information about the Council tree pruning and maintenance program and powerline clearance program.

How you can assist

Council welcomes your input on the maintenance priorities in your area. 

When the program is operating in your area, Council asks that you don't park your car on the street so that Council staff have access to kerbs and channels, roads and drains.

You can assist us to keep our streets clean and safe by:

  • cutting branches from your property that overhang and obstruct a footpath or laneway and use Council's fortnightly green waste collection to recycle your branches
  • mowing the grass on your nature strip or make a drought-resistant nature strip
  • removing weeds in footpath cut outs in front of your property
  • making sure your house number is visible
  • repairing any leaning fences or walls that could injure someone walking by, and
  • making sure the stormwater connection from your house to the kerb and channel is unblocked - this is the owner's responsibility and is not part of Council's drainage system. 

You can report an issue through the Council website such as a missing street sign, blocked or broken Council stormwater drain or damaged footpath.

When are you coming to my neighbourhood?

Refer to the map below to find your area. You can contact Council to find out when the program is in your area.

map showing AIM program areas


A survey is sent to a random selection of residents once maintenance works are complete. If you would like to provide feedback, you can contact Council.