Training for volunteers and volunteer organisations

Free training for volunteers

As part of Councils commitment to providing support to community groups in Merri-bek. 

Council is offering free training to volunteer-led Merri-bek community groups. The aim of the training is to educate and support groups to become sustainable. The training is for volunteers to gain knowledge and skills to then implement and help the group become sustainable.

We’ve partnered with Our Community's Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) to launch three online Compact Courses.

Compact Courses are a new style of training – it’s online training, but it’s not a webinar; it allows the learner to interact with the content through clicks and quizzes.

There are three Compact Courses available for completion:

  1. Win More Grants – How to find and apply for grants
  2. WTF - Where's the Funding? – How to put more sustainable fundraising strategies in place
  3. Step In, Step Up: Everything a New Community Board Member Needs to Know – How to make the best contribution you can to their community boards and committees

The courses are delivered via a smart learning management system that allows you to complete each course at your own pace and at a time and location of your choosing. While the courses should take around 45 minutes to complete, once started you have a 30-day window to finish it.

To register and get started with these free Compact Courses, visit

Have questions? The ICDA team will happily answer them via email at or you can call (03) 9320 6800.

We'll see you online!

Moreland Volunteer Training Program

The Merri-bek Volunteer Training program is a series of short training courses and workshops run by neighbourhood houses in Merri-bek.

The courses aim to enhance the skills of staff, volunteers and committee members of clubs, community groups and non-profit organisations in Merri-bek. The training suits different levels of competence and interest. Programs are flexible and can be tailored to individual groups.

Affordable training

Courses are offered at low cost. Merri-bek Volunteer Training provides highly subsidised training for:

  • committee members of community groups
  • local volunteers, and
  • staff of clubs, community groups and non for profit organisations.

Popular training among volunteers, clubs and community groups include general administration, communication skills, occupational health and safety, committees of management training courses.

Accredited training

Moreland Volunteer Training also offers accredited training in some areas, including:

  • safe food handling
  • first aid, and
  • computer training.

Specialised training

To arrange specialised training for your organisation or to find out more, contact Sussex Neighbourhood House on 9354 2210 or Sussex Neighbourhood House.

Hume-Moreland Volunteer Coordinators' Network

The Hume-Moreland Volunteer Coordinator’s Network is a bi-monthly forum specifically designed for volunteer coordinators and managers for organisations within the Cities of Hume and Merri-bek.

The forum covers a range of topics that are relevant to not-for-profit organisations, including associations that are entirely operated by volunteers.

Membership is free and open to anyone who works with volunteers in Merri-bek and Hume. To find out more contact Council.