Volunteering opportunities

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is the contribution of your time and energy for the benefit of the community.

Volunteering is an excellent way to address human, environmental and social needs and to get involved in the not-for-profit sector.

Volunteers respect the rights, dignity and culture of others and promote human rights and equality.

It is important to recognise that volunteer work is always unpaid and that it does not replace paid workers.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer, whether you are employed, not working or retired.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering allows you to become more involved in your local community, support a worthy cause, or simply make someone else’s day a bit brighter. Every voluntary role makes a difference.

Volunteering is also an opportunity to meet new people, stay active and have fun.

As well as being able to contribute your skills, experience and expertise to the community, volunteering is also a way to learn new skills, try something different and receive valuable work experience.

Volunteering at a neighbourhood house

Neighbourhood houses are not-for-profit local organisations that provide social, educational and recreational activities for their communities, in a welcoming, supportive environment.

Neighbourhood houses are managed by volunteer committees and paid staff, and operate with the assistance of volunteers across all areas.

You can contact neighbourhood houses in Merri-bek to find out more about volunteering.

Other volunteering opportunities

The Council Online Community Directory lists community organisations across Merri-bek. Contact your local services to see if they have a volunteer program. 

Hume Volunteer Gateway lists volunteer positions in the Hume and Merri-bek region.

Volunteering Victoria, phone 8327 8500, and Go Volunteer list volunteer vacancies and provide support to volunteers.

Victorian Volunteering Portal, phone 9208 3353, is a website matching volunteers with appropriate organisations.

Vollie connects skilled people to not for profits, charities and social enterprises for skills-based online volunteering.

EdConnect Australia seeks volunteers to help young people in primary and secondary schools across Merri-bek. A variety of activities including reading, writing, kitchen garden, library and maths are covered in the program. Phone 1800 668 550 or email EdConnect.