Public pools and spas

Requirements of public pool and spa operators

Publicly accessible pools and spas are subject to water quality standards for disinfection and chemicals.

Pool operators are required to make sure water conditions are safe for pool users.

Make a complaint

Pool users can be affected by disease causing micro-organisms transmitted by contaminated pool water, contaminated surfaces or person to person contact.

Contact Council if:

  • you believe a premises is operating in an unhygienic manner or has questionable practices, or
  • you think you've contracted a skin condition or infectious disease from a pool or spa in Merri-bek.

It will help if you can provide specific details of the problems you have observed when making your complaint.

All complaints are treated as confidential and will be thoroughly investigated. You will be kept informed of the progress of your complaint.

In the case of suspected skin condition or infectious disease, you should contact your doctor as well as reporting the problem to Council.

Pools and spas outside Merri-bek

Council can only look at publicly accessible pools and spas in Merri-bek. Contact the relevant council for a complaint regarding pool or spa outside Merri-bek.