Recharge points for wheelchairs and scooters

What are recharge points?

A recharge point is a place where people who use wheelchairs or scooters can recharge their batteries. 

An increasing number of people with restricted mobility are using electric scooters or wheelchairs to move around. Batteries can run low, however, and deter people from travelling longer distances.

Location of recharge points in Moreland

Recharge scheme

What is the recharge scheme?

The recharge scheme encourages local businesses and organisations to provide a power point so people can recharge the battery on their electric wheelchair or scooter.

Recharge stickers are displayed on the windows of participating businesses so you can easily find them.

There are also recharge stickers placed above or near power points so you can quickly find out which power point has been designated for your use.

Visit the Recharge Scheme website for further details on the program.

Become a recharge scheme program partner

To become a recharge scheme program partner, local businesses and organisations need to be physically accessible and willing to provide a power point so people who use electric scooters or wheelchairs can recharge their battery.

The cost to recharge an electric scooter or wheelchair for up to one hour is under 30 cents. So, for a small cost, businesses in the community can make a very big difference in the lives of people who use an electric scooter or wheelchair.

Contact the Disability Planner or visit the Recharge Scheme website for further details on the program.

Wheelchair or scooter break downs

If your wheelchair or scooter breaks down, the RACV Emergency Wheelchair and Scooter Care, phone 137 228, may be of assistance.