Disabled persons parking

The Accessible Parking Permit Scheme

The whole of Victoria is transitioning to the new Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Scheme and online administration system.

From 22 March 2021, we will be transitioning to this new APP Scheme.

You will need to apply through the new application process:

  • when you need a new permit, or
  • when you need to renew or replace a permit. 

The new scheme will make the application process easier, simpler and the same across the state. The new permit also will better align with the COAG 2010 Australian Disability Parking Permit Scheme (ADPS).

The new APP Scheme will include:

  • the introduction of temporary permits for 6, 12 or 24 months
  • increased permit length, from 3 years to 5 years for individuals
  • the introduction of a permanent disability classification, so reassessments are not required for some people’s future permit renewals
  • a new single and secure state-wide permit design that will reduce the misuse of permits
  • the inclusion of occupational therapists as assessors, in addition to GPs, and
  • Double Time (green permits) and permits for organisations that will continue under the new scheme

All current disability parking permits will remain valid until their expiry date. You do not need to do anything until it's time to renew your permit. 

Permit types

There will now be the following 2 permit types:

  • an Australian Disablity Parking Permit 
  • a Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permit

              Australian Disability Parking Permit.jpg         Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permit.jpg

How to apply for, or renew, a permit


Frequently asked questions 


Dispute resolution


Scheme changes


Transitioning to the new scheme

If you have any more questions about this new process, please contact us

Please note: the new VicRoads App is launching soon. We will update this page when it is available. In the meantime if you require a disability parking permit, please follow the current process outlined here. Do not apply via the VicRoads website.