Disability policy and working group

Access and Inclusion Policy

Council wants people with disability, their family and carers to be able to:

  • get to the places they want  
  • access services and get the information they need
  • feel safe and part of the community
  • participate in decision making, and
  • have opportunities to work, exercise, socialise and be creative.

The Merri-bek City Council's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2016-20 outlines Council's vision for the full inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of life:

This plan outlines Council's role and commitment in removing barriers and increasing opportunities for people with a disability in Merri-bek.

It identifies principles to guide our work and key priority areas.

The plan includes objectives for improving access and inclusion in:

  • Accessible places and spaces
  • Inclusive programs and services
  • Employment and economic participation
  • Leadership and participation.   

Disability Working Group

Moreland Disability Working Group

  • advises Council on access and inclusion issues
  • raises concerns about access with Council
  • discusses the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, and
  • makes sure the objectives in the plan are being done.

The Committee meets four times a year.

Its members include Council employees and people in the community.

Moreland Disability Service Provider Network

This network is made up of over 30 local disability service providers and disability representative organisations. The network meets quarterly to share information, learn and support one another.

The network also receives regular updates from the disability sector and Council initiaitves.

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If your are an organisation that wants to join this network, please email Merri-bek's Disability Planner - gparis@moreland.vic.gov.au