Attendant Support Initiative (ASI)

What is the Attendant Support Initiative (ASI)?

The Attendant Support Initiative (ASI) is a service providing people with additional needs an opportunity to book an Attendant Support Worker through the Active Merri-bek Aquatic and Leisure centres. 

ASI staff can assist service users with the following:

  • Mobility and transfers
  • Entry and exit into the centre pools and assistance while in the pool
  • Use of accessible change rooms including personal care
  • Use of the gym including specialised equipment

Program providers

The program is available at the Active Merri-bek Aquatic and Leisure centres:

Brunswick Baths
Coburg Leisure Centre
Fawkner Leisure Centre
Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre

How to access this service

New clients first need to complete a Service User Profile. This provides program staff with the information needed to ensure you get the most out of your sessions and that a safe environment can be provided during your sessions.

Information collected in the form is completely confidential and used only by ASI program staff for the purposes of the service. Information collected includes:

  • Type and level of your disability
  • Your independence and personal care requirements
  • Behaviours that may affect your sessions
  • Emergency and medical details
  • Your preferred activities and individual goals
  • Information on facilities available at each centre.

Download a form or pick up a form from an Active Merri-bek centre:

Once this form is complete and assessed you are able to book a session at an Active Merri-bek Aquatic and Leisure centre.

Booking a session

When making an Attendant Support Initiative (ASI) booking, at least 48 hours notice must be provided. If possible, we recommend you provide more than 48 hours notice as this enables the centre to confirm that an Attendant Support Worker is available and to finalise the booking.

Bookings are finalised within 24 hours. Where the requested time is unavailable other alternative times that a support worker is available will be discussed with you.


There is an initial $15 administration fee to become a registered user of the Attendant Support Initiative (ASI) program.

Fees for ASI sessions are $31 per hour with a minimum booking length of one hour.