Welcoming Cities Network

Welcoming Cities logoCity of Merri-bek – a welcoming city for newly arrived migrants

Welcoming Cities Network is an initiative of the Scanlon Foundation and partners, a global movement which aims to foster and build inclusive communities through supporting newly arrived migrants with settlement at a local level. 

Council has become a member of the Australian Welcoming Cities Network, launched in March 2016.

The Scanlon Foundation is a philanthropic institution, based in Melbourne and was established in 2001 with the aim of fostering social cohesion within Australia.

The Welcoming Cities Initiative will resource local government with tools and examples of evidence based practice for ongoing inclusion of newly arrived migrants in both social and economic spheres. 

The network recognises that cities and municipalities that proactively foster an environment of belonging and participation for new and emerging communities, increase their social cohesion and community resilience.

For further information on the network, visit the Scanlon Foundation website.