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School Holiday Program June/July 2021

Program dates for June/July 2021: 28 June to 9 July 2021

Program hours are from 8am to 6pm, and the educator to child ratio is 1 to 15 and on excursions is 1 to 10

Appropriate risk-mitigation measures are in place.

Please note you can only book one venue per child per program.

For a listing of activities at your service please refer to the Activity Brochure

Activity Brochure

Children on playground

Our Venues

Brunswick East Primary School

Address: 195A Stewart Street, Brunswick East

Phone: 0408 561 026

(phone numbers are operational only when the program is running)

Brunswick South West Primary School

Address: 5A South Daly Street, Brunswick West (enter via Jordan Street)

Phone: 0408 594 136

(phone numbers are operational only when the program is running)

Important notices:

Anyone who is unwell should not attend school, including staff, parents and students. If a student attends while unwell, they will be sent home in accordance with the Department's regular Infectious Diseases policy.

You will not be able to attend the holiday program if:

1. You or any member of your family have been or come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19. 

2. Anyone in your family has a cold or flu like symptoms.

This is vital to ensure that the well-being of children, families and educators is maintained.


About our school holiday program

Council operates a school holiday program for primary school children aged between 5 and 12 years old whose parents live, work or study in Merri-bek.

The program offers a variety of in-house activities, including games, crafts and sports, and excursions.

Council's Primary School Holiday Program operates under the Commonwealth Government's Child Care Subsidy Scheme.

It follows the staffing qualifications, ratios, and building requirements of the National Quality Framework for Outside School Hours Services and My Time Our Place.

See our program in action

Check out some of the fun activities in the Merri-bek primary school holiday program.

There are some documents that are only available as PDFs on this page. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, you can contact us through our Contact page and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. You can also go to our Accessibility page to find out further details.


When and how to enrol

Bookings for the June/July 2021 program will open by 5pm Friday14th May 2021. Bookings will remain open until full capacity is reached. Please note you are unable to book any days until we open the Casual Booking Calendar. Council uses the QK Enrol program and website for enrolments.

Booking requests for the program are tentative until you receive a booking confirmation from Council.

Existing families to Merri-bek School Holiday Program 

Please do not create a new account as multiple accounts may affect your account balance. If you have used the School Holiday Program before, at any of our venues visit My Family Lounge. If you have forgotten your password choose forgotten password. 

Please ensure your enrolment form has been completed and/or has all current information before you choose your casual dates.

New Families to Merri-bek School Holiday Program 

You need to register first before you can use the online booking system.

Once you are registered, sign in to provide enrolment details and submit your booking request.

For further instructions please see the My Family Lounge Help guide for parents

Please note: until you receive a booking confirmation from Council, your booking request is tentative.

To make a booking, log on to My Family Lounge by clicking the image below

my family lounge logo.PNG


Child care subsidy scheme

Please ensure that you are registered with MyGov to be able to claim the childcare subsidy (CCS) otherwise you will be charged full fees.

Children with additional needs

If your child has additional needs, contact the Team Leader on 9240 1227 at least 6 weeks before the program starts to discuss your child's needs and your care requirements. The letter of diagnosis and the child health care card must be submitted with your enrolment.

If your child has any medical conditions, allergies (PDF 260Kb)anaphylaxis (PDF 294Kb) or asthma (PDF 150Kb), an action plan must be completed and submitted with your enrolment form.


How to pay

Cost per child per days is $85 for up to 10 hours of care, less Child Care Subsidy (CCS) if you are eligible or registered.

Payment Methods:


Please note, Centrelink will review your CCS at the end of each program, this may result in the cancellation of the CCS already paid. Should there be an adjustment made to your CCS by Centrelink, you will be required to pay any additional outstanding amounts to the Service.


Enquiries and feedback

For enquiries please email the School Holiday Program team or phone 9240 2427 or 9240 2360.


To provide feedback fill in the form below. You can contact 9240 1227 or email the Primary School Holiday Program team.