The Family Relationships Institute Inc., trading as RelateWell, was founded in 1978. It is a not-for-profit community secular organisation providing a range of family and relationship services at the significant transition points of relationship formation, extension and separation.

Their programs and services are in relationship and parenting psychoeducation and counselling; and in specialist mental health and perinatal mental health services.

RelateWell is a leader in primary prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery; aiming to support individuals, couples and families in navigating life’s significant events. RelateWell works in partnership with key stakeholders in caring for your personal, psychological and mental health.

RelateWell's partnership with Merri-bek Maternal and Child Health Services

We have a partnership with Relatewell that see them provide services from a number of our Maternal and Child Health sites and provide outreach counselling services to some of our families.

You can learn more about this partnership and their services on the RelateWell website.