New parent groups

Benefits of a new parent group

New parent groups are a great way to meet other parents in your area, share experiences and make new friends.

Becoming a first time parent can be an overwhelming and isolating experience. Attending a weekly new parent group session is a great opportunity to talk to other parents or to just listen to others share their stories.

It is also a way to develop a support network, learn different ways of parenting and discuss options for child care. 

How to join a new parent group

As a first time parent, your Maternal and Child Health Nurse will invite you to attend a new parent group session.

These sessions happen at your Maternal and Child Health centre and then you can choose to continue meeting with the group at a different location or form a playgroup.

These initial sessions cover issues such as adjusting to being a parent, child development, sleep and settling, safety and baby massage.

Your nurse will also let you know about any specialist parent groups in your area, for example, groups for twins, premature babies or culturally and linguistically diverse families.