Change pet registration details

It is important you keep your and your pet's details current. This means if your animal is lost, Council can identify your pet and return it to you easily.

You can make changes to your pet registration details at any time, however, Council requires evidence for some of these changes.

Registration changes that require evidence

You need evidence to make the following changes to your pet registration details.

Change requested Evidence required
Address Download and fill out the Animal Registration Maintenance form (DOC 66Kb) on the second page
Desexed Copy of certificate of sterilisation
Microchipped Copy of microchipping certificate
Pensioner concession Pensioner concession applies for holders of a current valid Pensioner Concession Card Health Care Card holders are not eligible for the pensioner discount
Obedience trained Copy of obedience training certificate issued by an approved obedience training organisation. Puppy training does not qualify for a reduced fee
Service dog Copy of service papers, for example, customs, visually impaired
Breeding animal Evidence of domestic animal breeder's registration
Registered with an applicable organisation Evidence of registration and membership with an applicable organisation
Animal name or colour Statutory declaration
Animal date of birth Copy of microchipping certificate (containing date of birth) or statutory declaration

Pet registration changes that do not require evidence

  • Advising that your pet is deceased
  • Fixing the spelling of your pet's name
  • Adding your pet's name if it is missing from Council records, or
  • Minor fix to your pet's description.

Council does not refund registration fees for pets that move from the Merri-bek area or are deceased.

How to update your pet registration details

  • Phone Council on 9240 1111 (if no evidence is required)
  • Submit updated information online with scanned attachments of evidence
  • Mail new information with documentation to Merri-bek City Council, Locked Bag 10, Merri-bek Vic 3058, or
  • Visit Council in person at a Council Customer Service Centre.

There are additional requirements if you change your name, address or property ownership. See change of ownership. address or name for further details.