Dog attacks

Any breed or size of dog can become aggressive when defending its territory or when provoked.

Preventing dog attacks

Most dog attacks happen in public places, on the footpath or road. For this reason it is important to care for your pet responsibly and make sure your dog is always securely confined and that you are aware of your proximity to other peoples' dogs.

It is also the responsibility of owners when walking their dog to keep their dog in effective control in any public place.

For further information on preventing dog attacks you can see the following Victorian Government page. 

For information on preventing dog attacks in the home, please see these tips

How to report a dog attack

A dog attack is an incident where a dog attacks or bites any person or animal causing a physical injury. Contact Council immediately any time on 9240 1111 to report a dog attack.

Be prepared to give as much information about the attack as possible, including time, location, description of the dog and/or owner, and your contact details.

As dog attacks are serious, this information will allow Council officers to follow up and take appropriate action.

For further information about dog attacks, and what you can do to prevent them please visit the Victorian Government page for the Dangerous Dogs Hotline and much more.

What is a dog rush?

A dog rush is an incident where a dog means to approach a person to a distance of less than 3 metres in a menacing manner, displaying aggressive tendencies that may include snarling, growling and raised hackles. You can contact Council to report a dog rush.