Torres Strait Islander flag

The Torres Strait Islander Flag was designed by the late Bernard Namok.

The flag stands for the unity and identity of all Torres Strait Islanders. It is an official flag of Australia.

It features three horizontal coloured stripes, with green at the top and bottom and blue in between divided by thin black lines. 

A white dhari (head dress) sits in the centre with a five pointed star underneath it. The five-pointed star represents the five island groups within the Torres Strait.

The meanings of the colours in the flag are:

  • green represents the land
  • black represents the Indigenous peoples
  • blue represents the sea, and 
  • white represents peace.

The Torres Strait Island Regional Council holds copyright to the Torres Strait Islander Flag. Requests for permission to reproduce the Torres Strait Islander Flag should be addressed to the Council.

Moreland City Council flies the Torres Strait Islander flag at the Merri-bek Civic Centre.