January 26 in Merri-bek

In September 2017, Merri-bek City Council resolved to no longer refer to January 26 as Australia Day. Council believes that our celebration of national identity should be held on a date that is inclusive of everyone in our community.

Celebrations held on January 26 are known to have a negative impact on many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who experience the day as a sad and painful day.

Council is now an active member of the Change the Date campaign, along with the cities of Darebin and Yarra, to encourage the Federal Government to find another day that will bring all Australians together to celebrate our country.

Council’s decision not to recognise January 26 as a day of celebration does not impact the way our residents personally choose to spend the day. Council continues to hold citizenship ceremonies whilte advocating to change the date so all Australians can celebrate.

Moreland City Council encourages people to reflect about what this date means in the history of our nation and its effect on our Aboriginal community. 

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