Community safety

Community safety is an important issue. Council meets regularly with police, community organisations and local business to discuss issues around public safety.

Crime and safety

If you have any concerns about your personal safety or you witness incidents of crime please call police on 000 or your local police station.

Brunswick Police
620 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Phone: 8378 6000

Fawkner Police
1151 Sydney Road, Fawkner
Phone: 9355 6000

Community safety measures 

Moreland City Council takes steps to help improve community safety, with a particular focus on public lighting, late night taxi ranks, and maintaining local laws.

Safety networks and meetings

Council meets with Victoria Police every month to discuss issues around public safety. We also meet with police and licensed venues on Sydney Road to address public safety issues.

CCTV cameras

Nine CCTV cameras along Sydney Road Brunswick are connected to the Brunswick Police Station and are fully operational 24 hours a day.

CCTV footage training at Brunswick Police StationThe cameras provide Police with a clear view of Sydney Road between Brunswick Road and just north of Albert Street. Download a map of Brunswick CCTV locations (PDF 83Kb).

The cameras can be remotely operated by Police and footage reviewed at the police station.Victoria Police personnel have been trained to operate the new CCTV camera system.

The State Government contributed $250,000 to install the CCTV security cameras along Sydney Road, Brunswick, and Council added a further $125,000, as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

The installation of CCTV security cameras was a more complex and lengthy process than anticipated. Learn about many steps and the progress of this project through the Moreland Council CCTV timeline (PDF 176Kb).

The cameras were fully operational in September 2014.

Street and public lighting

In 2015, nearly 3000 local street and laneway lights were converted to LED in the Brunswick, Brunswick East and Brunswick West. Audits have shown that on average illumination has increased in these areas by more than 100 per cent. To view a map of street lights in these areas and report a fault see CityPower public lighting

The following year in 2016, Council signed a contract with Jemena, which manages street lights north of Merri-bek Road. An additional 5500 street lights were changed to LEDs in these suburbs.

These new street lights improve lighting quality and have more consistent distribution of light resulting in fewer dark spots.

Not only does this reduce carbon emissions and increase the amount of light on the street, it reduces the electricity and maintenance cost to Council and the community.

Upfield bike path LED lighting at night

Bike path lighting

Council's goal is to light up the whole Upfield Bike Path and to encourage more people to cycle, more often.

Download a map of Upfield Bike Path lighting upgrades (PDF 178Kb)


Watch our video and see the difference lighting along Upfield bike path makes


Illuminated late night taxi ranks in Sydney Road, Brunswick

We have installed illuminated late night taxi ranks in Sydney Road, Brunswick to make it safer for you to hail a taxi.

They operate on Friday and Saturday nights from 10 pm - 7 am.

They are located at:

  • Eastbound: Brunswick Road, Brunswick, immediately west of Sydney Road
  • Southbound: 108 - 132 Sydney Road, Brunswick, near McDonalds
  • Northbound: 165 - 173 Sydney Road, Brunswick, near The Cornish Arms Hotel
  • Southbound: 412 - 420 Sydney Road, Brunswick, near The Penny Black and The Mess Hall

You can download the Illuminated taxi rank locations map (PDF 392Kb) to see where these spots are located.