Connect with Makers Melbourne

Moreland is dotted with cool makers intent on making Melbourne a unique experience and creative hub. provides the opportunity for makers to promote their goods and services to the public while contributing to important research supporting makers in the future.

The site hosts a survey data collection tool, created and developed in response to maker feedback that an online data collection tool would benefit makers.

Ways to get involved

  • Visit the website and learn more about the project, the partners, background and goals
  • List your business on the Makers Melbourne website
  • Make your company visible and join a growing population of makers showcasing their creative and innovative businesses
  • Complete the survey- share your industry insights by completing a 15 minute survey, providing invaluable information to the research
  • Spread the word - spread the word through networks and our social media pages. The more businesses on board, the more comprehensive and convincing the research will be!