MoreSpace offers local businesses the opportunity to showcase their products by creating shoppable window displays inside vacant shops across Merri-bek.

MoreSpace accepts applications from businesses operating within Merri-bek without a retail space. Interested? Apply now.

MoreSpace has two primary goals:

  • To showcase each property as an attractive commercial opportunity, highlighting Merri-bek as an affordable and buzzing area for small businesses. 
  • To highlight local makers, creatives, small business and entrepreneurs based in Merri-bek by offering them interactive shoppable windows that will celebrate their product and/or service, engaging with the public in a unique and memorable way. 

Are you an interested business owner? Apply now or find out how MoreSpace can help you from the links below. 

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Landlord? Click the Agents and Landlords link below to find out how MoreSpace can help you highlight your vacant retail space.