Miinot Gelato


This award-winning ice cream shop has been wowing locals and visitors alike with its innovative approach to ice cream and gelato since 2015. Owner Emma Nicholas-Jennings talks about the business of keeping cool.



Business type Ice cream and gelato manufacturer
Industry Food and beverage
Suburb Pascoe Vale South
Founded in 2015
In Moreland since 2015
Core offering Take away ice cream and gelato
Website miinotgelato.com


WHO… we are
We’re Emma and Gary Nicholas-Jennings. I grew up here in Melbourne, and Gary is a Londoner. We met in London, then relocated to Melbourne when it was time to start a family. I grew up in the ice cream business, so starting our own little business in this industry felt like a very natural thing to do.
HOW… we create our flavours
Our flavours change season to season, week to week and even day to day, as new ingredients and inspirations arise. Our evolving flavours are our point of difference; we’ve always got something new going on. It all depends on where we are, and who and what we see and do. We’ve just created a stone fruit flavour from nectarines, peaches and apricots donated by people from our local community who don’t like their fruit going to waste. We received some cucumbers last week and created a cucumber and tonic sorbet. I’m always thinking about ingredients and flavours and recipes. It’s an obsession.

WHAT… we like about Pascoe Vale South 

We chose to open our business in Pascoe Vale because the set up costs were lower than in other parts of Melbourne, and because they could see it was a suburb on the rise. In the five years that we’ve been here, we’ve already seen big changes to the demographic; lots of young families are moving in, and other small businesses have opened up. We thought we’d be a quiet little shop, but we’ve become very busy very quickly! Choosing a location that’s on a tram stop has really helped; we get a lot of people stumbling across as on their daily journey then returning for a better look later.
WHY… sustainability is so important to us
Having a consistent and reliable power supply is essential for a business like Miinot Gelato. We experienced several blackouts in our first year of opening– in one instance we lost an entire cabinet’s worth of stock. In 2016 we installed 40 solar panels and a saltwater battery to protect ourselves from power outages. Having our own power supply means we can keep our cabinet, tills, and stock freezer going. It means our products are safe and always available, and that our equipment, which is quite expensive, is protected from the possibility of being damaged if cut off mid-cycle. It’s hugely reassuring. Sustainability in other parts of our business is important too. We are on our second run of Keep Cups Porcelain – reusable gelato cups stamped with our logo and made in Melbourne... and we have totally done away with plastic spoons and now supply biodegradable, compostable spoons with all purchases, and use timber paddles for in store tastings. It costs more, but it’s so worth it. 

Miinot Gelato is a Moreland Made success story!


71 Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South.


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