Arcadia Scott


Arcadia Scott is a self-taught ceramicist who has been crafting travel cups and planters in her home studio in Brunswick, Victoria for the past few years. In 2020 Arcadia is moving to a new studio to keep up with the demands of her creative practice.



Business type Ceramicist
Industry Creative
Suburb Brunswick
Founded in 2015
In Moreland since 2015
Core offering Unique hand-crafted trevel cups and planters


WHEN… I became a ceramicist 

I’ve always been an admirer of ceramics. About five years ago I was craving a creative outlet, so I signed up to a six-week beginners’ course at Northcote Pottery Supplies. From that first class, it just felt right. Immediately following, I started practising in a communal studio any spare chance I could until I was in a position to get myself set up at home. Not long after that took a chance and decided to become self-employed. Two-and-a-half years later I am proud to say that all is going well — and I can still pay my mortgage!

WHAT… inspires my practice

Many things inspire my work but mostly, it’s mother nature. The textures, forms and colours I work with are all influenced by what has been naturally created. Ceramics is also such a tactile medium that you can’t help but want to hold something that you like and that sparks a lot of joy for me when I think of my customers treasuring and using my pieces in their homes.

WHY… I'm moving to a new space in 2020

I’ve been working from my home studio for the past few years and it is both a blessing and a challenge! I’d originally planned to transform the garden shed into a workspace, but the pottery wheel never left the lounge room from the day it was delivered. Unconventional, yes, but it means I’ve been able to enjoy home comforts…however I’ve completely outgrown my space and am excited to be moving into a new studio space in Coburg North soon.

HOW… I balance being creative with running my own business

It’s hard work, especially when you dislike the admin side as much as I do! I am in constant negotiations with myself to get it done. On the flip side, I am motivated by each success which then gives me confidence to create new pieces and expand on what I am making. 

WHERE… I sell my work

I sell my work at design-focused markets in Sydney and Melbourne, like the Big Design Market the Melbourne Ceramics Market and The Finders Keepers Market. People can buy online through my website. My work is also stocked in stores around Australia – details are on my website! In Moreland, The Boroughs on Lygon Street and Brunswick Bound on Sydney Road stock my wares. Shop local. Support local!

Arcadia Scott Ceramics is a Moreland Made success story!

 Cup on pottery wheel

All images by Samee Lapham, courtesy of Arcadia Scott Ceramics


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