About business associations

A business or trader association is an incorporated group of business owners and operators in a shopping strip or centre who join forces and work together to define, represent and achieve the collective interests of its members and the wider business community.

Business associations work in partnership with Council and are managed by an elected Executive Committee of Management, which is accountable to its members. Each association is directed by a business plan and regular meetings of members.

Business associations in Merri-bek

There are two established business associations in Merri-bek, the Coburg Traders Association and the Sydney Road Brunswick Association.

Coburg Business Association
Manager: Ray Jacobs
Mobile: 0402 992 116
President: Brett O'Riley, True North
Email Coburg Business Association
Coburg Central website

Sydney Road Brunswick Association
Manager: Claire Perry
Phone: 9380 2005
President: Mary Gurry, Centrestage Costumes
Email Sydney Road Brunswick Association
Sydney Road Brunswick website

Benefits of belonging to a business association

Business associations are a positive and cost effective way for businesses to:

  • Work on joint marketing and promotions
  • Raise issues with Council
  • Share learnings and ideas
  • Develop long-term plans and strategies
  • Seek leadership, direction and guidance
  • Access training, seminar and funding opportunities
  • Provide support to each other.

Find out more

For more information about setting up a business association in your area, contact Business Merri-bek.

Hayley Rosenboom

Retail Facilitation Officer

Hayley supports retailers in Merri-bek by facilitating the growth, branding and customer awareness of shopping strips in Merri-bek. Hayley helps deliver training activities, programs and professional development opportunities.

Phone: 9240 2462
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