Council elections

Council elections

Local council elections are held on the 4th Saturday of October every four years.

The last election of Merri-bek Councillors was held in October 2020. 

The election results from the October 2020 election can be found on the VEC website. 


Council roll

You could apply to enrol to vote if you:

  • are not an Australian citizen, but you live and pay rates in a council
  • pay rates on a property you occupy and have no other entitlement to vote in the council
  • are a director or company secretary of a corporation that pays rates and have no other entitlement to vote in the council
  • are a ratepayer, you were not on the council roll at the 2016 council election and you are not on the State roll for that council area.

For Council elections you will also be automatically enrolled if you were a non-resident ratepayer and on the voters roll for the last Council election (in 2016).

If you became a non-resident ratepayer (for example you bought an investment property) since the last election, or if you are responsible for the rates and occupy a property or you are the nominee of a corporation, you will need to apply to be on the voters roll.


Mandatory Candidate Training

Anyone nominating to be a candidate in the election will need to include a declaration in front of the election manager that they've completed the Local Government Candidate Training.

The Minister for Local Government has advised that the mandatory training will be delivered online and administered via Local Government Victoria