Live streaming

Moreland City Council live streams video and audio of Council meetings and Planning and Related Matters meetings. 

Live streaming allows you to watch and listen to the meeting in real time, giving you greater access to Council decision making and debate and encouraging openness and transparency.

It is important to note that the live streaming does not provide an opportunity for viewers to ask questions or engage with the meeting participants.

Every care is taken to maintain privacy and attendees are advised they may be recorded.

Next Council meeting

A special Council meeting will be live streamed on Wednesday 20 October 2021 from 6.00pm.

You can watch the meeting below, by visiting our live streaming website or directly on the Merri-bek City Council Facebook page.

Next Planning and Related Matters meeting

The next Planning and Related Matters meeting will be live streamed on Wednesday 27 January 2021 from 6.30 pm.

Previous meetings

Watch video recordings of the full public proceedings. 


You can view: