Community Planning Councillor Reference Group

The Community Plans – Councillor Reference Group provides an oversight role on the key plans required under Local Government Act 2020, including the Community Vision, 4 year Council Plan and 10 year Financial and Asset Plans.


The Reference Group will advise Council about:

  • Community engagement approach and options, in accordance with Council’s Community Engagement Policy
  • Reflection of community aspirations in key plans
  • Integration between key plans
  • Alignment with the principles of the Local Government Act 2020.


The Reference Group will be chaired by the Mayor.

Membership will comprise of up to four Councillors, with at least one from each ward; and any other Councillor appointed by Council to the Committee.

The Councillors that have been appointed members of the Committee are:

  • Mayor, Cr Annalivia Carli Hannan
  • Cr Lambros Tapinos
  • Cr Angelica Panopoulos
  • Cr Helen Davidson
  • Cr Adam Pulford
  • Cr James Conlan


The first meeting was held on 24 November 2020, with subsequent meetings held as needed, approximately every second month.

Terms of reference

Community Planning Councillor Terms of Reference November 2020.doc