My Virtual Moreland App

Project overviewLITM_logo_sml.jpg

As part of the Smart Cities and Suburbs grant received from the Australian Government, Moreland City Council partnered with XR (extended reality) experts Lost In The Machine to develop the My Virtual Moreland iOS and Android App, for the council and community.

Through the use augmented reality, the My Virtual Moreland app aims to bring visual transparency to planning applications within Moreland. Anyone with a compatible smart phone can retrieve a 3d model of select planning applications and view them in AR – on location or on a tabletop. Where previously there would be concept sketches, now a user can view potential visual impacts at scale, i.e. overshadowing or overlooking views into another property. 

The My Virtual Moreland app also provides the community with a better way of gathering vital information about advertised planning applications using a variety of user friendly and intuitive search tools. Users can searching by address, keywords, application number or by simply viewing all advertised planning applications as pinned locations on a map of Moreland.

The My Virtual Moreland app features two AR modes:

Indoor AR mode allows users to view a miniature version of proposed developments in context using a simple printable AR marker on a table top. A 360 mode also allows the user to simulate a 1:1 scale 360 view from any position such as rooftops, balconies and ground level.

Outdoor AR mode is a location based mode which overlays a 3D model of the proposed development at the site of the application allowing the user to visualise the proposed development at 1:1 scale from any angle.