My Virtual Merri-bek 3D Viewer

Moreland 3D is Merri-bek Council's 2nd iteration of Council's 3D spatial GIS platform.

Moreland 3D has been developed in partnership with AAM to allow the community easy access to some of the 3D data and some of the 3D tools including shadow analysis, 3D measurement, line of sight and viewshed tools which council uses internally.

The community is also able to access and view 3D models of proposed large scale developments within Merri-bek Council which have been approved for use during the advertisement period when they are available.

The data within Merri-bek 3D is maintained and updated by Merri-bek Council's Virtual Merri-bek Officer and currently includes:

  • Currently advertised planning applications, with direct access to info and plans
  • Block models of all buildings with a roof surface area greater than 15qm (LOD2 in activity centres only).
  • Vegetation LIDAR data.
  • Parks and reserve with amenity information.
  • Aerial imagery.

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