KW Joyce Reserve

Council is planning to make changes to the pathways in KW Joyce Reserve.

The first change is construction of a concrete path running along the northern edge of the park and linking Northumberland Road to Cornwall Road.  This path will be a shared use path for walkers and bike riders.  The second change is construction of an unsealed gravel path near the eastern bank of Westbreen Creek.  This path will be a walking path.

This plan shows for the location of the two paths. The concrete shared path is shown in grey and the unsealed gravel path is shown in yellow.

The concrete shared use path forms part of a larger project to construct a bicycle route linking Coburg and Glenroy via schools and shops in Oak Park and Pascoe Vale. 

The gravel walking path upgrades and improves the network of walking paths in and around Westbreen Creek.

This path connection is part of the Coburg to Glenroy cycling link. We will also improve and extend the unsealed pedestrian path next to the creek.

These changes implement recommendations in the Westbreen Creek Conservation and Development Plan, and the Morealnd Integrated Transport Strategy.

Council intends to complete construction of both paths before the end of June 2021.

How did we decide where to put the paths?

During the consultation of the Westbreen Conservation and Development Plan, Council received some concerns that the planned concrete shared use path could:

  1. Impact the area of open space and vegetation.
  2. May result in conflict between cyclists and dogs.
  3. Would not be an accessible grade.

To address these concerns, the new concrete shared path will be located in the northern section of the park, away from the existing walking route where the ground is less steep. 

KW Joyce is a dog off lead park. However, even in these parks dogs must be kept on a lead while on or within 1m of a concrete shared path.