Russell Street, Coburg - Public toilet refurbishment and placement in car park


The toilet will be in the Russell Street car park at the rear of 450 Sydney Road, Coburg. Opposite to Dunnes Lane.


The works comprised of:

  • Refurbishments to the existing automated Exeloo toilet, which is in storage at Walter Street Depot.
  • Relocation of the Exeloo after refurbishments to be constructed in the car park at Russell Street Coburg.
  • Disability parking bays in the Russell Street car park will be relocated.
  • Mural installed by Coburg Primary School students in collaboration with local artist Stephanie Hughes. 

Project timelines

Works completed in June 2020. 



More information

For further queries contact the Project Manager, Stephen Petrie on 9240 1111.

Russell Street - public toilet with art work