A.G. Gillon Oval – Refurbishments


A.G. Gillon Oval, Hope Street, Brunswick


In the main grandstand, the proposed works are to refurbish the umpire change rooms to make them female friendly with upgraded amenities and improved accessibility. In the social pavilion, the kitchen and adjacent room, and toilet amenities are proposed to be refurbished and upgraded including a compliant and DDA accessible toilet. Furthermore, a new scoreboard and storage for the sports club are to be installed.


As female participation in sport has grown across the municipality, it is appropriate that facilities cater for the current and projected growth in participation, for both males and females. The existing umpire change rooms are not unisex or female friendly and have poor amenities. The project will provide these new required amenities and help cater for the growth of sport within the Gillon Reserve precinct.

The social pavilion plays a fital role in the vibrancy of the club. The kitchen facilities, much like the social rooms, have remained largely untouched. Council's Social Support unit also use the facility for local seniors and community groups to meet and stay connected. 

Project Timeline

Design - Completed

Works - To be completed July 2021

More information

Any queries in relation to these works should be directed to Merri-bek City Council Building Project Unit, phone 9240 1111.

 Gillon Oval