Becket Street North & Muntz Avenue, Glenroy – Road Reconstruction Works

Project Overview

In 2019 – 20 Council reconstructed Becket Street North and Muntz Avenue, Glenroy between Pecham Street and Gervase Avenue.   

The works included :

  •    Construction of a new underground drainage system and pits
  •    Reconstructing the existing concrete kerb and channel
  •    Reconstructing the existing road pavement
  •    Laying of a new asphalt road surface
  •    Reconstruction of vehicle crossings between the new kerb and footpath edge
  •    Reinstatement of nature strips
  •    Total length 380 m 

Budget and Timelines 

  • Budget $440,000
  • Construction Start Date: July 2019
  • Construction End Date: October 2019

  beckett st