Dawson Street, Brunswick - Streetscape improvements

Works now complete

The Dawson Street streetscape improvement works were completed in October 2017.

With 16 new trees, feature paving, over 20 additional bike hoops, widened pedestrian crossing, and a new road surface, we hope that the community enjoys this updated streetscape.

Three new rain gardens were installed as part of the upgrade, which will clean the water they collect before it runs back into natural waterways, like the Merri Creek.

A series of whimsical and inspiring quotes from well-known authors have also been engraved in the pavers that lead to the Library.

We thank the community for their patience and understanding during the works.

Project background

Engraving on Dawson StreetCouncil carried out streetscape upgrade works on Dawson Street, Brunswick, between Sydney Road and the Upfield Rail Line.

This section of Dawson Street was identified as a pedestrian priority street in the Brunswick Structure Plan.

Works included:

  • A new road surface
  • Wider footpaths with engraved quotes
  • Widened pedestrian crossing at the Upfield Rail Line intersection
  • Sixteen new street trees and three new rain gardens helping to reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Twenty additional bike hoops to improve bike parking
  • New disabled parking bays to improve accessibility
  • New road surface and line marking
  • Improved pedestrian connections to significant buildings with Sydney Road
  • Improved entrances to public buildings like the Brunswick Library and Brunswick Baths

View the Dawson Steet Streetscape Concept Design (PDF 495Kb).

Dawson Street upgradeBudget and timelines

  • Budget, financial year 2016-17: $750,000
  • Budget, financial year 2017-18: $900,000

Major stages of the project

  • Consultation - complete
  • Design - complete
  • Tendering - complete
  • Construction - January to October 2017 (complete)

Streetscape upgrade works commenced on 16 January 2017, and were scheduled to finish by December 2017. However Council fast-tracked the works in order to shorten the period of disruption, with the project completed in October 2017.

More information

If you have any queries regarding the project, contact Council’s Senior Urban Designer, Hiren Bhatt on 9240 1234 or email Hiren Bhatt.

“Local and visiting cyclists can now enjoy the benefits of bike lane extensions and improved bike parking, which were included to encourage sustainable travel within the area and to enable more Merri-bekers to stay active.”


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