Merlynston Linear Park - Development (Stage 2)

Background: Merlynston Creek Park Development Plan

The Merlynston Creek Park Draft Development Plan (PDF 880Kb) was developed with the input of the Merlynston Sustainability Group and Melbourne Water, and was endorsed by Council in March 2015.

The plan is long term plan to improve this open space over several years and is dependent on funding being available to achieve the overall vision.

The vision for the Merlynston Creek Park is to reinvigorate the network of parks along the corridor by providing a diversity of experiences for our community and providing valuable habitats. The aim is to provide a well designed space close to home for people to exercise, walk their dogs, socialise, relax, play, connect with others and nature, and to overall improve the liveability of Merlynston.

The key components of the plan are:

  • To improve the pedestrian and bike links through the area
  • Tree planting and landscaping
  • A play space to complement the parkour structure (the yellow balls) on the corner of Lily/Guilfoyle Streets, including shelter and natural play
  • Small play and potentially exercise sites in various locations along the network of parks
  • Community orchards - this will be dependent on the community being actively engaged in caring for the orchards
  • Water sensitive urban design solutions, such as rain gardens, where appropriate
  • Investigation of an off-leash dog section in the park (the whole area is currently designated an on-leash dog site), and
  • Traffic calming measures on the roads linking the parks.

Stages of the project

Consultation and design - complete

Merlynston Linear Park - Development (Stage 1) was implemented between 2014 and 2016, including a new play space and basketball half court at Sanger Reserve, corner of Lily Street and Guilfoyle Avenue.

Upgrades to the Merlynston Linear Parkland continued with stage 2 funding allocated in Council's capital works program.

The plan of the proposed stage 2 works (PDF 2Mb) included:

  • A shade structure, barbecue, picnic table and drink fountain along side the Sanger Reserve play space
  • Demolition of the existing barbecue east of Guilfoyle Avenue
  • Revegetation areas, new mulched areas with indigenous plants
  • Fencing and other measures to reduce vehicle access, and
  • Potential for an artist’s mural at Lily Street (subject to approval).

Construction - complete

Works commenced in mid March 2017 and stage 2 works were completed in June 2017.


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