Hosken Reserve, Coburg North - Stormwater harvesting project

Project overview

Hosken Reserve SWH image

The aim of the project was to construct a stormwater harvesting system that would supply stormwater to irrigate Hosken Reserve, saving up to 10 million litres of drinking water every year.

The stormwater treatment system also improves the attractiveness and passive recreation use of the reserve through new landscaping and a pedestrian access path.

Project budget and timelines

  • Design: Undertaken in 2015
  • Construction: Works completed in the first half of 2017

Major stages of the project

Consultation – complete

Consultation with the local community, school and sports clubs was held in November and December 2015. This involved hearing from the community about what they value at the reserve and discussions over the draft concept plan.

Over 65 local residents completed hard copy surveys or provided feedback to Council Officers out at Hosken Reserve on Tuesday 1 December 2015. The overwhelming majority of feedback was supportive of the project. Some frequently asked questions that occurred during the consultation were:


Action to address

Water safety

The system has been designed in accordance with Royal Lifesaving guidelines. Safety features include a fence around the entire water storage area and safety benches within the water storage.

Mosquitoes, smell and odour

A recirculation system has been incorporated into the design. This will aerate the storage pond and stop the conditions that allow mosquitoes to breed and odour to develop.

Rats and snakes

Whilst the system will provide habitat for some native fauna, the species selected will not provide a food source for rats and snakes.

No trees overhanging lots

Vegetation will be planted in such a way that trees will not overhang fences.

Antisocial behaviour

Development of such facilities has encouraged appropriate and responsible use of reserves, and decreased anti-social behaviour.


Pumps are to be located within an enclosed pump shed, situated away from residential properties. 

Storage tanks

Concern about the visual appearance of above ground storage tanks was raised by the community. However there was significant support for “open water” storage as an alternative, and thus adopted in the design.

Access from back fences

Any existing access to the reserve from back fences will be maintained.

Seeping from the storage pond

The storage pond will have a liner, retaining water within the pond and preventing seepage into the ground.

Design – Complete

A draft concept design plan was developed and consulted with the community.

Based upon the feedback received through community consultation, design of the system was completed.

Key elements of the design are:

  1. Stormwater from the below ground drain cleaned through an underground pollution trap
  2. Pumping of cleaned stormwater to an in-ground water storage pond with vegetated perimeter and fence
  3. Small shed with internal pump
  4. Connection into irrigation system for all Hosken reserve sporting fields
  5. Tree planting and landscape improvement works
  6. All aspects of open water storage designed to the Royal Lifesaving Guidelines for water safety in urban water developments

Tendering – Complete

Public tender for the construction works was advertised on Saturday 12 March 2016 and closed on Thursday 7 April 2016. Evaluation of the tenders received has been completed.

At its meeting on 8 June 2016 Council endorsed the appointment of Entracon Civil to undertake the supply, construction and commissioning of this stormwater harvesting system.

Construction - Complete

Construction of the system was completed in July 2017.


If you have an enquiry or would like further information about this project, please contact Council.