Loreto John York Park, Brunswick East - Park upgrade

York Park BrunswickProject overview

Loreto John York Park, at the corner of Davies Street and Holmes Street, Brunswick East, was selected for renewal with funding allocated from Council’s capital works program.

The Loreto John York Park Draft Concept Plan shows the various proposals for the park renewal, including:

  • New playground equipment
  • Nature play elements
  • Replacement of streetside fencing
  • Demolition of redundant park light poles
  • Renovation of existing stonemasonry walls
  • New garden beds with native plantings, and
  • Part or full replacement of footpaths to improve accessibility.

Council officers were on site at the park to receive feedback and answer questions about the project proposals on Wednesday 16 December 2015. Feedback was open until 4 January 2016.

Budget and timelines

Budget: $80,000
Construction: planned to commence April 2016
Expected completion date: June 2016


If you have an enquiry or would like further information about this project, please contact Council.