Leinster Grove, Lygon Street and Jarvie Street, Brunswick East - Right of way reconstruction

Leinster ROW Bluestone works during con

Project overview

Council has completed the reconstruction of the laneway bounded by Leinster Grove, Brunswick East between Lygon Street and Jarvie Street.

The works were required to address the poor pavement conditions along the laneway.

The works were undertaken by GP Bluestone Pty Ltd and comprised:

  • Construction of a new underground drainage system and pits along the bluestone laneway to pick up stormwater drains discharging into the lane.
  • Relaying the existing bluestone pitchers along the laneway on a porous base.
  • The access road and parking area between 236 and 238 Lygon Street being reconstructed in concrete to match the existing conditions
  • Total length: 140 metres.

Budget and timelines

  • Budget: $141,500.
  • Construction start date: October 2015
  • Construction end sate: December 2015

Leinster ROW Bluestone works during constructionLeinster Grove Laneway following completion of reconstruction works


Leinster Grove Laneway following completion of works


If you have an enquiry or would like further information about this project, please contact Council.