Current use of 33 Saxon Street, Brunswick

The 33 Saxon Street site in the heart of the Brunswick Civic and Cultural Precinct includes a large 1970s school building, a heritage house, old stables and public open space.

Council purchased the site in 2010 to use as a compound while the Brunswick Baths were being redeveloped and 800sqm was subsequently subdivided to enlarge the Brunswick Baths site (2011-14).

In 2015, Council created 1100sqm of public open space at the Saxon Street site that is currently available for public use, and with 3000 acres also ran a community garden for a short period of time.

A year later, Council began temporary activation of the site through use of the site's buildings and public open space. The site, currently known as Siteworks, is used by:

  • 'These Are The Projects We Do Together', known as The Projects, has opened up the site for community use and many groups have used the site's spaces for short-term and long-term bookings, as co-working spaces, meeting spaces, and for workshops and events.
  • Blak Dot Gallery is a contemporary Indigenous-run art gallery and performance space showcasing modern and traditional artworks from world Indigenous cultures. The annual program connects many people and cultures to the gallery and the Brunswick area.

Both organisations have worked to create a sense of place and a connection with the community through the creative sector, and will continue to contribute to developing the story of this site over the next couple of years.

For context, the following maps illustrate the site's position within wider Brunswick and the Brunswick Civic and Cultural Precinct.


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