James Martin Reserve – Change Room Refurbishments and Social Room Amenity and Accessibility Refurbishments


James Martin Reserve, Domain Street, Hadfield


The works are to refurbish and improve the physical condition and accessibility of the change and amenities rooms. A unisex umpire communal area with a private male and female change-room / bathroom will be constructed as well as a first aid room and storage room. The existing unisex accessible public toilet and existing male/female public toilets are to be refurbished and made more accessible.

The Social Rooms currently include male and female amenities and these are to be refurbished to include an ambulant cubicle in each. The existing accessible toilet is to be upgraded to comply with current DDA standards. Furthermore, a new compliant access ramp is proposed to be built in to the social club entrance allowing improved accessibility.


Martin Reserve plays host to football, cricket and netball clubs as well as local school sports programs. As such, it is appropriate that the facilities cater for the current and projected growth in participation. The refurbishments will improve the amenities and help cater for the growth of sport in the Hadfield community.

Improving accessibility to change facilities and social facilities, including a compliant entrance ramp, allows people of all abilities to participate and engage in sport and ensures a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Project Timeline

Design - Completed

Works - Commenced February 2021.

More Information

Any queries in relation to these works should be directed to Merri-bek City Council Building Project Unit, phone 9240 1111.

Martin Reserve