Counihan Gallery – Air Conditioning Upgrade


Counihan Gallery, Sydney Road, Brunswick


The proposed works at the gallery is to install air conditioning and climate control systems to meet Australian Museum and Gallery Standards. It is planned that this should allow for more exhibitions and works to be displayed. 


Paintings and artworks in galleries and museums need to be kept in conditions which protect them from material deterioration. Heat, moisture and even minimal temperature variances can be extremely damaging to artworks so most galleries have dedicated climate control systems.

The Counihan Gallery in Brunswick is not equipped with a climate control system and therefore, there is some risk to the works of art located in the gallery. The climate control system will help protect existing collections as well as attracting significant artworks from private or other galleries. 

Project Timeline

Design - Complete

Works - Commencement April 2021

More Information

Any queries in relation to these works should be directed to Merri-bek City Council Building Project Unit, phone 9240 1111.

Counihan Gallery